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Our policy on "personal information protection law"

SAGINOMIYA SEISAKUSHO, INC. may require and use your information as needed to provide our product/service, reply to customers and offer information about our events if necessary. To recognize the importance of personal information and protect properly, we will follow the rules below when we handle those information.

  1. We require your personal information, with the purpose of the use and our contact information. The information requested will not exceed the purpose of use.
  2. We use your information within the purpose you are informed.
  3. Unless we have your permission, we will not disclose your provided information to the third person, except for following.
  4.   (1) When we judge it is necessary to disclose the information between our company and subcontract company who has non-disclosure agreement with us.
      (2) When we judge it is adequate to respond from our affiliate company or agent.
      (3) When requested by law.
  5. We handle personal information with appropriate custody under Personal Information Protection manager in every section where Personal Information is handled
  6. Customer can request to inquire correction or erase their personal information that they offered. In the event that customer request above, we identify the person and make the necessary changes in a reasonable time. In some occasion, we may ask for documentation that proofs the person or legal agent for him.

Please contact us below when you have any inquiry about our privacy policy.


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